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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Project Read Instructional Resources Page

Howdy Tutors, Adult Learners, and Other Interested Folks,

We have been hard at work for the last few months collaborating with the SFPL Web Team to post Microsoft Word and PDF versions of a pretty hefty assortment of original Project Read curricula and administrative forms. We have lots of fabulous things there so please poke around and let us know if this is helpful.
All you need do is click on the image below.

Please keep an eye out for some additional posts coming your way which will highlight some of the neat things contained there.

All the best, Brian

Notes from Poetry Workshop

If you missed the February 15th Continuing Education Class for Project Read tutors, you can simply click on the title page above to view the entire PDF presentation. This is part of our efforts to provide valuable tutoring curricula and materials, in down-loadable format, through the Project Read website (http://www.projectreadsf.org/.)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tips for Tutors from the February Round Table

Here are some of the topics discussed at the February Tutor Round Table meeting:

A tutor discussed the challenge of helping her learner break some old habits which were developed over many years of trying to get by with limited reading skills. For example her learner often guesses at words rather than taking the time to decode them.

  • The tutor mentioned that she often simply reminds her learner that it's okay to slow down and not be in a rush to finish a piece of reading material. In doing this, her learner is paying more attention to what is being read and doing less guesswork.

We also discussed the use of a structured workbook to teach basic reading skills.

  • One tutor mentioned that she wasn't sure how her learner would respond to working with the Patterns in Spelling series. She was happy to find that the learner enjoyed the structured lessons and the ability to look back at previous exercises to see what had been accomplished. Using the workbook also gave the tutor some needed support in teaching some very basic skills.

There was also a discussion of which dictionaries are easier for learners to learn to use.

  • A few tutors commented that the more advanced dictionaries were often overwhelming to beginning readers, especially all the abbreviations indicating derivation and parts of speech which often follow the word.

  • Two dictionaries, available to all learners, which are slightly easier to use are:

Beginner's Dictionary of American English which not only has examples of the word used the context of a sentence. The downside of this dictionary is that it's missing many words found in other, more advanced dictionaries.

Webster's New World Portable Large Print Dictionary which is easy on the eyes but heavy in the backpack or book bag. It has simply written definitions with less detail than dictionaries having regular size font.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wednesday Night Readers Book Club

Tutors: are you looking for a way to help your learner discover the pleasures of reading and to encourage him/her to read more away from your tutoring sessions? If so, talk with your learner about joining the Wednesday Night Readers Book Club... and you can join, too!

Members of the book club receive FREE copies of the selected book and adult learners can also pick up a FREE unabridged audio book. Then on the last Wednesday evening of the each month, we all come together for a friendly and engaging book discussion. The discussions are facilitated by two longtime Project Read volunteers who are talented at creating a nurturing and non-threatening environment for the free expression of ideas. It's a great experience for both learners and their tutors.

Here is a list of books which we will be reading and discussing over the next few months:

February 28 meeting -- Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin
(book available now)

March 28 meeting -- The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder
(book available on or after Feb. 28)

April 25 meeting -- Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell
(book available on or after March 28)

May 30 meeting -- Teacher Man by Frank McCourt
(book available on or after April 25)

Feel free to call the Project Read office (415-557-4388) for more information. We look forward to seeing you there!