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Saturday, May 20, 2017

What is Our Society Coming To?

My name is Theresa Lewis. I remember once upon a time when I was coming up and we had an issue with one another. We took it to our parents and our parents took it to the next parent and, if they didn't settle it, the next day we met at school and we'd fist fight.

Now a days, these kids today , they just be killing up each other -at school, on the streets, on the freeways. Where are these kids getting these guns? Where are they coming from? Why is it these guns are so easy for kids to get? And
they're taking lives like it's okay and it's not!

Everybody suffers when these kids die--the mothers, the aunties, the cousins. We all suffer. And you can't say it's just in the black neighborhoods now. It's everywhere-Latino, Asian, Chinese. So, again I say, where are these guns coming from and why is it so easy for these kids to get guns?

When I was coming up. we couldn't get guns. My parent kept hers locked up. One day I went to my nephew's middle school and they had metal detectors. I never seen nothing like that!

The movies are not making it no better. They make their movies with people killing each other. They use rappers to make these movies. What example is that for our kids?

They make all these video games with guns killing up one another like it's okay. Then the kids want to go out and do the same things. As parents, we can't watch our kids 24-7. We can talk to them, provide for them, preach and tell them right from wrong, but we have to go out and work to provide for our families. We can't watch them 24-7.

What is our society coming to? And what can we do for our kids? How can we keep our kids from getting these guns? Again I ask, where are the guns coming from?

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